This information will be taken down by the end of April, please bookmark the NEW site!

Fellow Hockey Players,
On behalf of Zotec Partners Carmel Ice Skadium, we would like to welcome you all to the Greater Indianapolis Adult Hockey Leagues summer session of the 2010- 2011 Hockey Season. The Greater Indianapolis Adult Hockey Leagues (GIAHL) is designed to provide a safe and sportsmanlike environment in which hockey players of all abilities can enjoy the competition and camaraderie of organized hockey. The Greater Indianapolis Adult Hockey Leagues (GIAHL) is based upon respect for ones opponent, the officials, and the game. A cooperative effort between the league, its players, its teams and its officials is essential in creating an atmosphere conducive to fair play and the well being of all participants. By offering multiple levels of competition the league provides an appropriate venue for every adult player and/or team.

What we are about?
The Greater Indianapolis Adult Hockey Leagues (GIAHL) provides a place to play for players 18 to 99 years old recreational NO- Check, no slap-shot (Novice and Bronze Divisions), Slap-shot allowed in the (Intermediate and Silver/Gold Divisions), co-ed leagues for beginners to competitive hockey players. Weekly standings and scoring leaders are updated regularly here during the season. The first order of business is to have FUN.
What we are NOT about?
The Greater Indianapolis Adult Hockey Leagues (GIAHL) does not embrace a "win at all costs" attitude. It is not the appropriate venue for venting ones personal frustrations, nor is it a league for "enforcers", antagonizers or for those whose intensity level does not allow them to adhere to the aforementioned ideals. It is also not the league in which to enter yourself in a lower division than your skill allows.
We are scheduled to begin play on Thursday April 29th and Sunday May 2nd and will run though late August for a total of 16 games. The cost is $330.00 per players with no more than15 player and goalie on each team.

Last year's cost: $240.00 for 12 one and half hour ice times with 15 plus skaters on a team.
This year's cost: $330.00 for 16 one and half hour ice times with no more than 15 skaters on a team.

Click on the above Picture for the new website or go to carmeliceskadium.com then to the adult hockey tab to find the new link to the site. This New site will offer contact information, game schedules, important dates, game rules, registration information, player stats, Standing and other content that will help our season run smoothly.

Below is more information on how to navigate the site...

1. On the left hand side click on Division, Time, Cost for a brief description and information on each league.

2. If you are not sure where you belong please use the player placement to help you find a good fit for yourself.

3. Once you got the division you need to sign up for click on pick a site. All Players Must Register thought the site.

18 and Up - Ice Hockey Leagues

Bronze Sunday @ 8:15pm 

Intermediate Thursday @ 8:15pm or 10pm 

Novice Sunday @ 6:30pm 

Silver / Gold "A" 

Payment Options:
A. Select to pay online by Credit Card
B. Select to pay by check or money order ( If you select this option you can bring in the check, money order)
C. Select to pay by check or money order and use your Credit card at the Arena.

After you register you can then click on the divisions name and that is the main site for that division with your game schedules, player stats, standing and other content.

Thanks again and we'll see you all on the ice.